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Time & Coordinates of Baranagar

The Search of Time – Study of Universal Time & Coordinates of Baranagar – বরানগরের সঠিক সময় নির্ণয় – জয়ন্ত বক্সী

Jayanta Baksi

বরানগরের সঠিক সময় নির্ণয় – জয়ন্ত বক্সী

Baranagar is located at the Latitude of 22.61 & Longitude of 88.41 [Baranagar Central 22.6433N  88.3653E Latitude & Longitude in Decimal Degree].

Study of Latitude & Longitudes is an eminence supportive tool intended for in-depth observation & synchronization of any region. Hence, I have arranged a few examples to read Baranagar in a different approach.

Here you will find a few prominent places & their corresponding Latitude & Longitudes situated within the jurisdiction of Baranagar & nearby areas. Even to grasp the fundamental concept & distinction of these Latitude & Longitudes, they are arranged in 2 ways; in Degree, Minute, Second in the first phase & Decimal Degree in the next part.

  • Let’s proceed with the Time difference between Kolkata and Baranagar; Kolkata is 0.000666666666667 decimal hours behind Baranagar (0 hours and 0 Minutes and 2.4 seconds / 0 : 0 : 2.4).
  • Universal time of Kolkata is 5.89066666667 UTC and Universal time of Baranagar is 5.89133333333 UTC.  Time difference between Kolkata and Baranagar may vary based on the specific location of the area.
  • [Note: The above specified time between Kolkata and Baranagar is based on Universal Time; therefore you are requested to verify the local time according to your specific requirement].

At this point, you will find Latitude & Longitude of various areas mostly located within the jurisdiction of Baranagar and neighboring spots (either in Degree, Minute, Second or in Decimal Degree) viz: B.K.C.College, Baranagar Bazar, Baranagar Police Station, Baranagar Road Railway Station, Baranagar Sporting Club, Barui Para Lane, Cossipore Gun & Shell Factory, Dakshineswar Railway Station, Dakshineswar Rani Rasmoni’s Jagadiswari Temple, Dum Dum Central Jail, Dum Dum Railway Station, Gangadhar Sen Lane, Indian Statistical Institute, Jhulontola More, Kacher Mandir, Kali Charan Ghosh Road, Kuthi Ghat, Mahamilan Math, Mohun Girls High School, Narendra Nath Vidyamandir, National Sample Survey Organization, Path Bari, Ramkrishna Puram Housing Complex, Victoria School, Vivekananda Setu / Bally Bridge (All in Degree, Minute, Second).

Once more; you will discover Latitude & Longitude in Decimal Degree like: Ananya Cinema Hall, Atul Krishna Banerjee Lane, Basak Bagan Pukur, Bediapara, Belgharia Station, Beni Colony, Bhairab Ganguli College, BKC College, Bonhooghly Lake, Central Tool Room Training Centre, Dombagan Math, Dum Dum Cantonment Railway Station, Dutta Pukur – Baranagar, Ganga Action Plan – East Baranagar, Guruji Bagan, Jagriti Club, Jogendra Basak Road, Joy Mitra Kalibari Ghat, Joy Narayan Banerjee Lane, Kalitala Math, Kolkata Metro Railway Yard – Nawpara, Masjid Bari Lane, Mullick Colony Pukur, Nainan Para Lane, Neogi Para Road, NIOH (National Institute For The Orthopedically Handicapped), North Suburban Hospital, Prafulla Chaki Road, Pramanick Ghat, R.K.Moitra Road, Rabindra Bharati University, Ratan Babu Ghat (Sri.Ramkrishna Mahashasan or Cremation), Satchasipara, Sinthee Atapara, Sinthee Hari Sabha, Sinthee More (B.T.Road crossing), Sinthee More Church (St.James Church), Srimani Para Lane, Tobin Road More – B.T.Road Crossing, Uttarayan Housing Estate.

Now please a come across of the Latitude & Longitude of few other places in Decimal Degree.

Desire more? Well, then let’s bear with me……………….thanks a lot for your persistence.


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