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Baranagar Area situated or  located  [Baranagar Central 22.6433N 88.3653E – Latitude & Longitude in Decimal Degree]  just beside on the Left Bank of the Hooghly River.

Western part of  Baranagar is placed & stretched in a north-south direction linearly through the bank of  Hooghly River (Ganga) & about 190 km from the sea-shore from the Ganges Delta at an elevation – Cossipore – 11 meters / 36 ft to Kuthi Ghat –11.5 meters / 38 ft., average  elevation is 12 meters / 39 ft. Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30).

Formerly most of these areas were a huge wetland, domesticated over the decades to accommodate the area’s growing  inhabitants, particularly the eastern part of  Baranagar & adjoining areas.

                                                       Administrative Boundaries:

  • North: Southern base of the Calcutta chord railway from the river Hooghly River upto the point where it meets the ‘Dantia’ or ‘Bagjola Khal’ to the cast of the East India Railway line, then the northern bank of Dantia Khal upto the point where it meets the eastern boundary of Belgharia mouza.
  • East: Eastern boundary of mouza Noapara, then the southern boundary of the said mouza up to its junction with the East India Railway line, then the East India Railway lines upto their junction withRamkali Mukherjee Road.
  • South: Paramanik Ghat Road, Cossipore Road, Kashi Nath Dutta Road, Kali Charan Ghosh Road & Ram Kali Mukherjee Road.
  • West: River Hoogly.

Official Map of Baranagar Municipality - 2009


Above is a “Official Map of Baranagar Municipality – 2009”. To obtain detail regarding the official map, please contact with the authority.

We will primarily emphasized on the area directly under the administrative control of Baranagar Municipality. However, in due course of time frame we will talked about the Baranagar Assembly Constituency Area.

This tiny area is occupied with rich traditional heritage of Bengal as well as the Indian Subcontinent. Here, we will discuss & try to explore of those magnificent stories and append latest information and development based on reliable data only.


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